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Welcome to Balaton - The Holiday Destination!

Every year more than 3.5 million guest nights are realized in the catchment area of the Airport, representing 40% of the total guest nights spent in Hungary.

Being a number one in Europe, Hungary is known worldwide for its thermal water reserves. The thermal water found in Hungary contains dissolved minerals which have curative powers, and are suitable for bathing and drinking cures. Lake Hévíz, the best-known and biggest hot (33 °C) medicinal water lake of Europe, is located in a distance of 10 km from the Airport. With its 4.5 hectare open water surface, Lake Hévíz is the world's largest peat-based, natural, biologically-active thermal water lake possessing healing powers. The temperature of the medicinal waters mixed with cold and warm karst waters is 39 degrees centigrade at the surface of the lake. The healing effects of these sulphurous medicinal waters are intensified by the experience of outdoor bathing, by the useful effects of moving in a generally vertical position and by the "inhalatorium" character of the entire bathing in the lake as well as the enhanced absorption of ultraviolet rays.

Other well-known and well-equipped spa/thermal resorts - Tapolca, Győr, Bükkfürdő, Balf, Zalaszentrgrót, Pápa, Zalaegerszeg, Hegykő, Zalakaros, Kehidakustány, Lenti and Sárvár - offering the most up-to-date medical treatments await their guests in a radius of 100 km.
The tourist industry refers to Western Hungary as a thermal and spa region due to the innumerable medicinal waters located there.
The first Eastern and Central European touristic cluster was established here, which is a member of the "European Spa World" wellness destination of the Slovenian and Austrian thermal and medicinal baths